November of Bordeaux
November of Bordeaux

Bordeaux has given the world three famous blue grape varieties: cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot, which have become popular in almost all wine regions of the world. The aroma richness and potential of these grape varieties are often embodied in complex, special quality batches. This year in November everyone will be able to judge again how great Bordeaux styled Hungarian wines are.

The biggest tasting of the Bordeaux red wines!

In focus: cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot and bordeaux blends.

Bordeaux November Grand Tasting
November 30, 2024
Corinthia Budapest

  • More than 60 wineries and 150 wines
  • Top wine room with domestic top items
  • Free Pop-up School performances
  • VIP exclusive room
  • Raffle with valuable prizes

The exhibitors can be viewed on the website:


Tickets in adance HUF 11,900 / person ticket instead of HUF 16,900
Group discount: over 6 people 6%, over 8 people 8% and over 10 people 10% discount!
VIP tickets from 21,900 HUF
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